Where does Beijing stand in the world

Mark wiens


Some people say that everyone who has lived in Beijing will say that Beijing is very big. As a person who has been working and living in Beijing for 3 years, I have deep experience. Love in Beijing, as long as not in the same district is considered long-distance love; On the other hand, a casual trip to a scenic spot can be enough time to watch two or three 90-minute movies on the way back and forth.

When I say this, many people may still only stay in concept, but how big is Beijing? Today, Jian Jun will use data comparison to tell you.

One. Area

Beijing, with an area of only 16,000 square kilometers, is the equivalent of 2.5 Shanghai (6,340 square kilometers), 8.42 Shenzhen (1,996.85 square kilometers), 9.89 Xiamen (1,699.39 square kilometers), and 512.4 Macau (32.8 square kilometers). It's even the size of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hong Kong combined. Even Haidian, which covers only 2.5% of Beijing, is larger than Taipei.

If you put Beijing into the world, it is 160 times the size of Paris (105.4km²) and 21.3 times the size of New York (789km²). It is three times the size of New York, Paris, London, Seoul and Tokyo combined.

Ii. Population

Beijing is large not only in size, but also in population. Beijing had a permanent population of 21.542 million at the end of 2018, close to the total population of Australia. Indeed, there are fewer than 58 countries in the world whose population exceeds Beijing's.

Three. Traffic

In terms of traffic, the length of public transport routes in Beijing is 20,86km, and the annual passenger volume is 4.1 billion, equivalent to 50% of the global population. With a population of 324 million, that's the equivalent of transporting the entire population of the United States back and forth five times. Beijing's rail transit has a length of 637km, with annual passenger volume of 3.116 billion and an average daily passenger volume of 8.537 million, equivalent to the total population of Switzerland. These 22 lines are like a dense "spider web" covering Beijing.

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