Giant panda habitat, Tiantai Mountain, Chengdu

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Tiantai Mountain is located in Qionglai City, 110 km away from Chengdu. Here is the habitat of giant pandas, the scenic area within the dense forest, Qingxi waterfall can be seen everywhere.
From the south, west and north, the Mount is shau kei shaped. The east side is open to the outside, forming three steps in turn. Due to the special geographical environment, it has a small climate of warm in winter and cool in summer. The forest coverage rate reaches 94%. Yuxiao Peak, the highest, is 1,812 meters above sea level. Terrace gullies, caves, rocks and miscellaneous cloth during. Jinlong River through the platform, the water is colorful, with the platform ups and downs to form a number of long beach, overlapping streams, springs and waterfalls. The famous Xiangshui Beach waterfall falls more than 40 meters, more than 10 meters wide, eight levels fall layers upon layers, with a span of up to 150 meters arc, very spectacular.
Tiantai Mountain is located in Tiantai Township, Qionglai, Chengdu, 110km away from Chengdu. The scenery of Tiantai Mountain is very special, overlooking Chengdu plain in the front, facing Yuxi valley in the back, Mengding on the right and Yulin on the left. For a combination of natural and artificial vast mountains and forests. The main peak, Yuxiao Peak, is 1812 meters above sea level. It is named Tiantai Mountain. Across thousands of rock competition, green waves; Side see jade peak such as cutting, towering into the clouds. The valley surrounded by mountains forms a platform with an elevation of more than 1,400 meters and an area of about 30 square kilometers, sloping slightly from southwest to northwest. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The mountains in the northeast lack of more than 1700 meters above sea level Funiu Mountain winding down, flow length of more than 13,000 meters, through the whole rooftop. Or flying down, or diving cave mountain, or the shore, or white training hanging, or cascade waterfall such as curtain, or detour into the pool. East of the river for purple rocks, smooth as a whetstone. The river is wide or narrow, shallow clear, can be trekked over, deep water green as blue, can put a boat to swim. Climbing along the path, grotesque rocks, posture myriad, vast sea, shading the sun, cross and cross more than 20 thousand mu, magnificent.
As a natural landscape closely combined with human history, Tiantai Mountain is famous for its "strange mountains, strange rocks, beautiful water and secluded forests". The scenic spot has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, an average annual temperature of 16℃, and a forest coverage rate of 94.4%. There are over 350 species of 83 families of plants in the scenic spot, including more than 20 species of precious trees such as Davidia involucrate, Taxus taxus, Taxus olivier, silver magpie and Mithrix floriculata. Appearing in the Linhai stream there are hairy deer, forest musk deer, red belly pheasant, green tail rainbow pheasant, salamander fish and other rare animals. There are 5 classes, 24 orders, 32 families, and more than 50 kinds of economic jobs. So Tiantai Mountain Scenic spot is called the "green pearl" of scientific research value. In addition, there are more than 270 precious butterfly species such as monarch butterfly and 17 firefly species resources, and the population is very large. Butterfly appreciation and firefly appreciation have become popular ecological sightseeing projects.
The flower forest in the mountains is a piece of gray conglomerate exposed to the surface, formed through millions of years of geological changes, the shape of the strange, no less than the stone forest in Yunnan. Tiantai Mountain rugged, covers a large area, it is recommended to spend a day to slowly visit. There are buses in the scenic area. You can take a bus from the tourist center at the foot of the mountain to get off at the gate of Xiaojiawan and then start hiking.
Qionglai City, Chengdu
It takes about 30 minutes to arrive Qionglai by bus from Chengdu Jinsha Station via Chengwenqiong Expressway. Also, it is available to visit Qionglai Road from Chengdu North Passenger transport Center (north train station) and Shiyangchang central station via Xinjin. It takes about 50 minutes to get to Tiantai Mountain from Qionglai tourist passenger transport central station. There are special trains from Xinnanmen Station to Tiantai Mountain View area at 8:00 and 9:30 every day.

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