Wansheng Black Valley in Chongqing

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Black Valley is located in Wansheng District Jingxing Township, 20 kilometers away from Wansheng city. Surrounded by mountains and forests, rivers and rivers, and rarely visited by people, it preserves the intact natural ecology of subtropical and temperate regions, with a forest coverage rate of 97%. It is praised by experts as the "Chongqing and Guizhou biological gene bank", and is currently the largest natural ecological scenic spot in Chongqing with the best original ecological protection.
The original ecological scenery of the Black Valley scenic spot consists of more than 200 scenic spots such as steep mountains, peak forests, secluded gorges, cliffs, forests, forest seas, waterfalls, blue water, karst caves, trestles, floating Bridges, sea of clouds, idylls, original vegetation, rare animals and plants.
The Black Valley scenic area is 13 kilometers long, including 6 kilometers of battery car ride, 6 kilometers of trestle road and pontoon bridge, and 1 kilometer of sightseeing ropeway up the mountain (also on foot). Enter from the gate of the scenic spot and go down to Xiangshui Village along the river. The valley is about 40-50 meters wide. There is a gentle land along the river, above are hills and mountains, showing a stepped topography. The width of the following river sections is generally about 20 meters, and some are only a few meters. Among them, Yutiao Gorge, Wild Boar Gorge and Monkey Tiao Gorge are less than 10 meters wide at their widest point and only two meters at their narrowest point. It is extremely challenging to pass by means of pontoon bridge and suspension bridge. Black Valley top and bottom height between 400-600 meters, the valley on both sides of the steep slope, the slope is generally 70-80 degrees, part of the bank slope upright above 90 degrees, about 1200 meters high, its image is fantastic.
Scenic spots have Black Mountain Buddha, Yelang Gong main peak, nine-song painting screen, white jade Guanyin, Shi Jian Feng, Shi Huang umbrella, hidden Buddha cliff, Day King peak, camel westward, black monkey welcome, carp Gorge, pen holder mountain, scattered flower waterfall, lantern waterfall, Shenlong Gorge, Feiyun Waterfall and other unique scenic spots.
The scenic spot integrates the quiet, beautiful, dangerous and strange features of Chongqing and Guizhou natural landscapes, and gathers the essence of southwest karst landform scenery. It is an ideal place for tourism, leisure and summer resort, holiday exploration, archeology and geological research.
Ten mile canyon
The most wonderful scene in the Black Valley is the narrow and deep Ten mile canyon of the Carp River. Under the influence of the Himalayan orogeny, the river is actually a fissure in the mountains. It is a typical V-shaped deep canyon with a relative elevation difference of 400-1000 meters. The riverbed is 20 or 30 meters wide at the widest point and less than 2 meters narrow at the narrowest point. Both sides of the canyon are densely vegetated cliffs with a slope of about 70 or 80 degrees. Some of the bank walls even reverse to more than 100 degrees due to flood erosion of the bottom, forming a rare inverted wall wonder. Carp Gorge, wild boar Gorge, Shenlong Gorge 3 gorge, the cliffs on both sides of the river due to the tilting amplitude, the upper end almost Peng, the river became a dark river, the sun all day long. People standing in the narrowest carp Gorge, one hand can touch the mountains of Chongqing, the other hand can touch the mountains of Guizhou. In the canyon, the beach is full of water, stalactites, ancient vines hanging upside down, waterfalls hanging, fish and crabs in the river, there are black langurs, goats, wild boar and other occurrence in the cliff trees. Visitors walk on the trestle road and pontoon bridge, as in the dragon Palace roaming.
Fish jump off the gorge
Fish Leaping Gorge is famous for its fish leaping pool in the valley. Every spring and summer, when the fish in the lower reaches of the Carp River enter the upper reaches, they must jump over the fish leaping beach with a height of 60 cm from this pool, showing the wonder of all kinds of fish leaping out of the water again and again, so the local people call this gorge fish leaping Gorge. Two gorges with water, very precipitous, intelligent human in the natural premise of not breaking the original forest, creatively built a water trestle road on the water surface, twists and turns in the water extension, quite strange.
Flying fish organ
Flying fish waterfall Qili Ran, continuous flow of water, majestic, like the nine days of the Milky Way waterfall is Wansheng black Valley of the most spectacular waterfall, because of the shape of the waterfall like fish, so named flying fish waterfall. Summer mountain flood season, water flow can reach 5 tons/second, such as nine days of the Milky Way drainage, very magnificent. From a distance, Yinlian flying hanging, on the day. Straight to the bottom of the waterfall, "suspected to be the Milky Way falling nine days" is Li Bai's far view, I do not know what he will send a whim, and get is the shock of the force of nature. Water column from the height of 100 meters flying down, is not "water", was a pearl, hit on the waterfall bottom stone, set off the sky of smoke, slowly rising up, beads foam jade dust on the face, converge into a huge invisible shock wave, let a person breathing difficult. It is said that if there is a sun, there will be a rainbow of colors. The sight is already impressive.
25 Qinjian Road, Wansheng District, Chongqing
Take a coach from Chongqing Nanping and Chenjiaping Coach stations to Wansheng, get off and take Wansheng -- Black Valley shuttle bus at Guanjingwan Station, 5.5 yuan/person.

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