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e Yangtze River Cruise--Victoria CruiseVisit highlights of China including th,is private 6 days tour from Chongqinga 5 star boat and Zhangjiajie with th.

ed private tour. After a convenient hotel pickup in ChonqingExperience Chinese history and culture on this all-day guid, with a knowledgeable local guide. UNESCO has recognized the Dazu Rock Carvingstravel to Dazu and explore its thousands of Tang Dynasty-era cliff side statues,f more than 50a collection o,es and 100000 statu, characters000 Chinese,age status. Thenwith World Herit,ed lanes of CiqikouTour the flag ston,lain-making townan ancient porce, architecture. Lunch will be servedand see its Ming- and Qing-dynasty.

ddhism rock carving site in southern ChinaThe largest and best preserved ancient Bu,-go in Chongqingan absolute must,cultural learningcoolest site for ,eed a right guide for this valuable tourphotogaphy and country exploring. You n,ding experiences I could bring all these to youas a professional guide with over 25 years gui.

hour private tourEmbark on this 9-, your guide. Observe the Dazu Rock Carvings that date back as far as the 7th century after enjoying a provided lunchwhere you will get to know the the highlights Dazu county. Visit the Beishan Grottoes and Dazu Baoding Grottes with.

Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichan3-Night Century Paragon Three Gorgesg

d in 2009Introduce,h the Yangtze River. Victoria Jenna Cruise is a part of Asias largest cruise ship companyVictoria Jenna Cruise lets you enjoy a luxury cruise experience during your voyage throug,to its guests. Comfort is paramount on the cruisewhich ensures nothing less than 5-star standards ,e styles. To enjoy the breathtaking sights and views along the waywith the lavish cabins designed with modern and traditional Chines, the top deck of the shipyou do not have to go to, so from your own private balconyinstead you have the luxury to do.

and Zhangjiajie from Chongqin9-Day Private Tour to Guizhoug

re you maximise your time here. This full-day tour is tailor-made for youChongqing is one of Chinas biggest cities and this private tour will ensu,ou can choose the places you want to visit easilywith the help of professional guide and driver y,is city. Optional upgrade to taste authentic hot pot dinner and enjoy the night view on a river cruiseadmire the special architectural design in Chongqing and also learn the history and development of th.

ishan Valley in Chongqing Including Lunc1 Day Private Tour of Most Beautiful Heh

argest and most fascinating cities in ChinaTake this one day tour and explore of the l,ites such as the Peoples AuditoriumChongqing. Visit its main tourist s,es Squarethe Peopl, to the Ciqikou Porcelain Village and Hongya Dongand Eling Park. You even have time to pay a visit.

ia AnnaVictor, in 2006launched,River Cruise line. With a five star standard on all cruise linesis one of the best cruise ships in the cruise lines of Yangtze ,urney that is worth taking. On boardthis is a chance to experience a jo,na Cruises stylethe Victoria An,surrounds youand comfort ,ur personal cabinwhether it is yo,a drink of your favorite wine. On this cruiseor whether you are on the top deck enjoying ,tiful scenery of the Yangtze River and on boardyou get to enjoy your time by watching the beau,ings from on board spasthere are plenty of th,trainingfitness , ClassesTai Chi,nese classesMandarin Chi,ns to enjoy your timeand historical lesso.

n including the Chongqing Airport (CKG) pick upVisit highlights of Guizhou province and Guili,hunAns,yangGui,iliKa,xingZhao,terracesLongji ,ided 9 days tour from Chongqing Airport (CKG)Guilin and Yangshuo with this Private self-gu.

qing Wulong Karst National Park Private TouClick for More Info300 USD Per Group Chongr

Cruise Tour From Chongqing to Yichan3-Night Victoria Anna Three Gorges g

s Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichan4-Day 3-Night Yangtze Gold Three Gorgeg

tour of ChongqingOn this private ,al guide. On your choice of a half-day or full-day touryoull see the citys top attractions with an expert loc,e and Jialing rivers at Eling Parkyou may enjoy views of the Yangtz, and history at two museumslearn some Chinese culture, Buddhist templevisit an ancient,inese lunchenjoy a Ch, the Chongqing Zooand see pandas at.

attractions including the Panda House in Chongqing ZooBook this full-day tour to explore Chongqings must-see, ParkEling,rgest zoo in south-west China with over 1Ciqiko and more. Chongqing Zoo is the la,70 species of animals000 birds and over 1,Eling Park as the earliest private garden in Chongqing and the Ciqikouwhere you can see those charming native giant pandas. Also go to the , Harbor in Chinesemeaning Porcelain,ed from the porcelain tradewhere the community prosper.

for More InfoAll Inclusive Private 2-Day Tour of Xian Highlights from Chongqing with HoteThis tour covers Baoding site which was inscribed on World Heritage List by UNESCO.Click l

who congregate here in the mornings. Get a full perspective of the Three Gorges at Three Gorges Museum then enjoy local specialty cuisine of Chongqing Hot Pot. FinallyEnjoy seeing the giant pandas at Chongqing Zoo early in the day when they are most active. Stroll around the gardens of Erling Park and watch activities of local people,Jiefangbei Shopping Squareend your day at the vast .

ParagonCentury, Century Legendsister ship of,cruise on the Yangtze Riverone of the newest 5 stars ,est facilitiesoffering the b,us fooddelicio,vibration and decreases emissions to reduce environmental impact. Other innovations include a pillar less multi-function lounge with unobstructed views of evening entertainmentexcursions and cruising experience. The Century Legend is charting a new course for Yangtze River cruising. The ship features a state-of-the-art propulsion system that reduces ,or swimming pooland a large indo.

 ValleyHeishan,n Wanshenglocated i,ea is covered by original forests. As an Ecological Scenic Areais 75 miles (120 Kilometers) away from Chongqing. 97% of the ar,t of valleysit is consis,gesgor, caveskarst,fallswater,estsfor,t preserved natural scenic areaand streams. As one of the bes,ers a distance of 4 miles (6 kilometers) of plank roads and floating bridges as well as 4.5 miles (7 kilometer) distance of electric car routeit is also called The Wildlife genome bank of Chongqing and Guizhou by some experts. Chongqing Heishan Valley (Black Mountain Valley) tour cov.

iajie.Click for More Info240 USD Per Group Private Dazu Rock Carvings TouYou will be picked up from Your Chongqing hotel and dropped off at Zhangjr

zu rock carvings and Ciqikou VillagHistoric Day Tour in Chongqing: Dae

Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichan4-Day Yangtze Gold 6 Yangtze River g

o Yichang Downstream in 4 Days 3 NightYangtze River Cruise from Chongqing ts

evening in ChongqingDuring this special ,ity and mountains from One Tree Pavilion. Your guide will ensure a personalized experiencerelax on a scenic Yangtze River cruise and then admire sweeping views of the illuminated c, transportation includedwith private round-trip.

ry Cruise Tour From Chongqing to Yichan3-Night Century Sky Yangtze River Luxug

Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichan3-Night Yangtze Gold 5 Three Gorges g

Giant Panda and Eling ParHalf-Day Chongqing Tour ofk

our to Chongqing6-Day Private T,ise and ZhangjiajiYangtze River Crue

sing along the Yangtze River is not among everyones wish list but not all such people know that a cruise ride along these shores is available in five star luxury cruisesThe Century Sky Cruise is one of the top cruise ships of Yangtze River cruises that offers the most luxurious and outstanding experience when you are touring China. Crui.

n and enjoy a traditional lunch before a relaxing at Ronghui Hot SpringsTake this private guided day tour of Chongqing to visit Ciqikou Old Tow.

gjiajie.Click for More Info9 Days Private Self-guided Tour to Guizhou with DriveYou will be picked up from your Chongqing hotel/airport and dropped off at Zhanr

gqing City Including Hot Pot LuncPrivate Sightseeing Tour of Chonh

ng the Panda House in Chongqing Zoo and Eling Park. Enjoy a friendly English-speaking guideThis half-day tour will take you to explore some of Chongqings must-see attractions includi,transferprivate ,up and drop-offand hotel pick.

ivate Chongqing Evening TouYangtze River Cruise and Prr

Cruise Tour From Chongqing to Yichan3-Night Victoria Jenna Three Gorges g

ay Tour: Stilwell MuseumBest of Chongqing One D,TempleArhat , ParkEling,ndPaa

o Xian and be greeted by a professional guide who will help you design the perfect itinerary for 2 daysExplore highlights of stunning Xian in just two days on this trip from Chongqing by plane. Youll fly t, Wall to temples and markets. Travel at your own pacesee Xian highlights from Terracotta Warriors to City, snap photosand stop to, at your fingertips on this private tourgrab a souvenir or explore. Xian City is!qing in the evening by plane. Tour including plane ticketsYou can choose to finish your tour in Xian or return Chong,ce feeentran,nchlu,ccommodationovernight a,uide and private vehicleEnglish speaking tour g.

y Chongqing Private TouClick for More Info3-Dar

une 2012. With her grand lobby leading into a beautiful ballroomThe luxurious 5-star Yangtze Gold 5 began her maiden voyage in J,and top furnishingselegant restaurant ;ar hotel. The Yangtze Gold 5 features spacious cabins with private balconiesthe ship boasts the same comforts and amenities you would expect from a 5-st,y the outstanding viewsfrom where you can enjo,uite facilitiesas well as en s.

along the majestic Yangtze River. This is the voyage of a lifetimeExperience the luxurious tranquility on board the Yangtze Gold 6 , Three Gorges regionpassing through the,story and timeless natural beautyhome to thousands of years of hi, impressive ships on the Yangtze todayall in the comfort of one of the most.

rges including Qutang GorgeExplore the pretty Three Go,orgeWu G,for a 4-day-and-3-night cruise from Chongqing to Yichang with shore excursionsand Xiling Gorge by a Chinese 5-star boat downstream along the Yangtze River ,alsme, note three excursions are includedand accommodation included. Kindly,e and we will send you the final three excursions before your tourbut the three sites might be changed as per different boat schedul.

behind and relax on a sightseeing cruise along the gorgeous Yangtze River. Pass the famous Three Gorges (QutangThis four-day river cruise will show you the best of what Chinas Yangtze River has to offer. Leave your troubles,r cruise program) and the Three Gorges Dam. Take included excursions on smaller boats and venture into Yangtze tributaries like the Shennong Stream or the Lesser Three GorgesWuxia and Xiling gorges) and step off the ship to discover the Shibaozhai pagoda (included with 5-star cruise program) or the ghost town of Fengdu (included with super 5-sta,entertainment on board the boatand enjoy delicious meals and .

floating hotelThis luxurious, Gold 1Yangtze, River. The ship is perfectly equipped with a restaurantbegan her service in 2011 along the magnificent Yangtze,arb, massage pallorsauna room and,ymg,nd business centerconference room a.

action inscribed on World Heritage List by UNESCO in ChongqingWulong Karst Geographic National Park was the second tour attr,k pretty much represents the natural side of this enormous city in western China. After Transformer IV was filmed in herethe first one is Dazu Rock Carvings which mostly dedicates the cultural and historic side of Chongqing. This National par,re InfoChongqing Private Day Tour of Ciqikou Old Town and Ronghui Hot Springs Including Luncits now becoming a super hot spot and the very first must go site in Chongqing.Click for Moh

airport/train station.Click for More InfoPrivate Dazu Day Tour from ChongqinYou will be picked up and dropped off from your Chongqing hotel or Chongqingg

City Day Tour in Your WaPrivate Amazing Chongqingy

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