Is there any food in Beijing that you can't forget

Mark wiens


If the origin of foreign, in addition to the potato in the cloud of toast chicken, which cuisine I don't think too good.

But there are too many that are only available in Beijing or local. For example, the takeout department of Hujiang Xiangmanlou, an old local restaurant near Dong40, sells a variety of vegetable buns, corn noodles and other multi-grain noodles, salty, healthy and delicious. Do you think only children in North China like this kind of food?

And roast duck, that really has to go to Beijing! The four seasons of Minfu is good, of course, Dadong's duck is also very good, casually go to the big pear to get Yuan Tianwatitian this kind of tube satiates your delicious, as long as you do not order other dishes, a duck while hot to eat a beautiful than the other strong!

Yili's fruit bread vitamin bread, super childhood taste! Three yuan milk bag, I used to drink when water, now feel the taste has not changed. Three yuan high-end milk is also very good, sincere blessing three yuan these several fresh milk shop in Shanghai. I wouldn't recommend the grape souffle at Yili, but it's a bargain at best. Dim sum must be rice fragrant village! Jujube flower crisp starter bun ox tongue cake Hawthorn Guomai, I often buy these four! Classic in the heart! I love the tea sausage in Daoxiang village! Contains high meat, garlic flavor! Better than garlic, which is starchy, and the rest are a disaster! The elbow of the Tianfu that must be sauce in place, the microwave oven to beat, clip the pancake a great!

Once Wangshun Pavilion fish head bubble cake, crispy oil moist a bubble cake, is really top. Miss plus, this is really not to eat, because Wangshun Pavilion is now very bad to eat, together with the reduced Dongsi Minfang. But Minfang sesame paste brown sugar cake, real fat, sweet and sweet.

Purple light Garden is also a treasure hotel, rare Beijing food random point is not easy to step on thunder, hot and sour soup, absolutely! Fried pimples are so-so, but salted wood shu is worth a try.

And my dream of two Lu restaurants, Dongxinglou Dongzhimen and Fengze Garden, these two can be really old chef's taste, but also can be scattered random points, in addition to mullet egg soup carefully selected. Of course, Fengze Garden general mouth focus, but really mellow, very miss the old kitchen cabbage!

I also miss the jjajang noodles that live in the sea bowl but don't use up the sauce, it will be salty. But when noodle soup and sauce are mixed together, it is a special appetite! It smells delicious! I will also order the fried red fruit of this house, Qianlong cabbage can not do without. But also belongs to the decline too fast, live in the memory.

Yongshun fried chicken more or less than k mark m mark delicious too much, this is the old fried chicken, the difference between Korean American style, do not hang that kind of fish scale shell, by solid meat, salty, there is room for your product.

Many chain smoked chicken is also great taste, beat the northeast also won the greater East China region. Dianchi Steam Stone Pot Fish is better than any other home in Shanghai. A lot of Yunnan food in Beijing is very good. Why? It is generally careless Sichuan Xiang, including not limited to a variety of Beijing office, also do not understand the advantages of speculation in Beijing office?

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