Interesting tourist attractions in Guangzhou are recommended

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Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort

It is a large enterprise group integrating tourist attractions, hotel catering, entertainment and leisure. It owns 9 subsidiaries including Chimelong Happy World, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Xiangjiang Wildlife World, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park, Chimelong Hotel, Xiangjiang Hotel, Chimelong Golf Practice Center and Xiangjiang Restaurant. It is the first batch of national AAAAA scenic spots and the only one in Guangzhou.

Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou

Located in the north of Guangzhou City, it is one of the famous mountains in Southern Guangdong Province, known as "the First show of Yangcheng". It is composed of more than 30 peaks, and you can see the whole city and the Pearl River in the distance. When it is sunny after rain or in late spring, the mountains are surrounded by white clouds, hence the name of the mountain.

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