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rivileges of proprietorsThe first to enjoy the p!th the exclusive choice services. The best of Wanda is at your serviceThe five major brands of Wanda Hotels & Resorts provide proprietors wi,lwaysas a.

dentiality and security of the information that you provide to us. To do this3.Data ProtectionWanda Hotels & Resorts is committed to protecting the confi,nicaltech,t in place to protect against any unauthorized accessphysical and organizational security measures are pu,osurediscl,formation. The collectiondamage or loss of your in, never be guaranteed to be completely securetransmission and storage of information can,everhow,rds are in place to protect your information. To this endwe take steps to ensure that appropriate security safegua,organizational measures (such as a user ID/password systemwe have taken technical measures (such as firewalls) and ,o ensure the ongoing confidentialitymeans of physical protection etc.) t,grityinte,ion security professionals who are responsible for managing Wanda Hotels & Resorts security program. This team is responsible foravailability and resilience of processing systems and services.Wanda Hotels& Resorts employs a robust team of dedicated informat,other thingsamong many ,for potential intrusionsmonitoring our systems ,tential incidentsresponding to po,el information securitysupporting property-lev,trols Wanda Hotels & Resorts uses to protect dataregularly reviewing and updating the security con,fidentiality of personal information.We will never ask you to send us confidential personal information or payment card information via email or text message.In the event of a security incidentand providing training on Wanda Hotels & Resorts information security program.We require third parties with whom we share personal information to exercise reasonable efforts to maintain the con,ulations.If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for exampleWanda Hotels & Resorts will notify regulators and/or consumers as required by applicable laws and reg,your account has been compromised)if you feel that the security of ,ordance with the Contact Us sectionplease immediately notify us in acc,lowbe.

a Hotels & ResortsDear user of Wand,ver the high level of customer serviceWanda Hotels & Resorts pledges to deli,and security of your information is very important to us. Whether you are visiting our websitewhich includes respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. The privacy , a roombooking,our loyalty programor are a member of ,se that information.According to Personal Information Protection Law of the Peoples Republic of Chinawe want you to trust the way that we manage your information and to keep you informed about how we u,atement (Statement)in this privacy st,ils about how we collectwe provide you with deta,seu,s managed by Wanda Hotels & Resorts.By using any of our products or services and/or by agreeing to this Statementprotect and disclose your personal information.This Statement applies to Wanda Hotels & Resorts and all of hotel,g.e.,r any of our products or servicesin the context of registering fo,ment does not apply to our processing of personal information on behalf of and subject to the instructions of third parties such as airlinesyou understand and acknowledge that we will collect and use personal information as described in this Statement.Please note that this State, other service providerscar rental companies and,er packaged travel arrangementscompanies that organize or off, partnersmarketing,ollect personal information directly from youor corporate customers.1.Data CollectionWe c, persons/entities/online channelsinformation about you from other, other Wanda Hotels & Resorts digital channelsand automatically when you use our website or,rties (such as WI-FI). We provide more details in the sections below. In particularand through certain offerings or services available at Wanda Hotels & Resorts prope,ehalf) make a reservation to stay at a Wanda Hotel & Resorts propertywe collect and use information about you if you (or someone on your b,e loyalty programparticipate in th, not have to provide us with your personal information in order to use our websiteor interact with us through other Wanda Hotels & Resorts digital channels. You do;e casesin som,everhow,without your personal information (for examplewe may not be able to provide services to you ,you in our rewards program). To learn more about how we collectwe would not be able to complete a requested booking or enroll ,ion and how you can opt outuse and share your informat,At touchpoints throughout your guest journeyplease click on the relevant section below.,in accordance with the lawwe collect Personal Data ,a about you:•Name•Gender•Postal address•Telephone number•Email address•Financial information (such as credit and debit card number or other payment data)•Language preference•Date of birth•Nationalityand to serve you better. Personal Data is information that may identify you as an individual or relate to you as an identifiable individual. We collect and process the following types of Personal Dat,portpass,savi,ation data•Important dates: birthdaysor other government-issued identific,rsariesannive,ogram affiliations)•Employer details (for business-related bookings)•Travel itineraryand special occasions•Membership or loyalty program data (including travel partner pr,grouptour ,est stays or interactionsor activity data•Prior gu,ices purchasedgoods and serv,estsIn more limited circumstancesspecial service and amenity requ,t family members and companionswe may also collect:•Data abou,en•Biometric data•Imagesnames and ages of childr,y cameras located in public areasvideo and audio data via: securit, provide you with a specific service (such as dietary requirements)such as hallways and lobbies.In order to meet your requirements or, sensitive informationwe may have to collect,on concerning racesuch as informati,icityethn, opinionspolitical,losophical beliefsreligious and phi,mbershipunion me,al orientation. In this caseor details of health or sexu,submit any Personal Data about other people to us or our Service Providers (e.g.we will only process this data if you provide your express prior consent.If you ,n for another individual)if you make a reservatio,ordance with this Privacy Statement.Personal data may be collected on a variety of occasionsyou represent that you have the authority to do so and you permit us to use the data in acc, provided during a stay•Eating/drinking at the hotel bar or restaurant during a stay•Requestsincluding:1. Hotel activities:•Booking a room•Checking-in and paying•Hotel stays and services,gning up for the loyalty program•Participation in customer surveys (for examplecomplaints and/or disputes.2. Participation in marketing programs or events:•Si,)•Subscription to newslettersthe Guest Satisfaction Survey, information from third parties:•Tour operators canton guangdong chinain order to receive offers and promotions via email.3. Transmission of, (online or not)travel agencies,•Connection to Wanda Hotels & Resorts websites (IP addressGDS reservation systems and others4. Internet activities:,use of tracers)•Online forms (online reservationcookies in accordance with our Policy about the ,nnairesquestio,).

ofWanda Hotels and Resort Privacy Statement. I also agree to receive special offers and promotions from Wanda via email and SMSBy Joining Wanda Club I agree to theWanda Club Program Terms and Conditions. I agree to the sharing and transfer of information.

wards of Wanda ClubandWanda Hotels and Resorts Privacy StatementPlease read and agree to theTerms and Conditions- Individual Re.

rdinary services in Oriental elegance that seamlessly blends with local cultureWanda Vista is a luxury hotel brand for distinguished guests who relish extrao.

wards of Wanda ClubandWanda Hotels and Resorts Privacy StatementPlease read and agree to theTerms and Conditions- Individual Re.

number and email.Or calPlease enter your orderl

ds: the ultra-luxury hotel brand Wanda ReignWanda Hotels & Resorts has seven hotel bran,nd Wanda Vistathe luxury bra,and Wanda Realmthe premium br,style brand Wanda Yithe upper-scale life,rts currently owns or managers 130 hotels and there are more than 250 hotels under construction. The properties cover over 200 destinations globallythe select-service hotel brand Wanda Jin and the premium mid-scale brand Wanda Moments as well as the mid-scale brand Wanda Yue. Wanda Hotels & Reso.

network of corporate officesAs we operate via a global , service centersreservations and,s and hotelsdata center,ransfer your informationit may be necessary to t,xamplefor e,ng a reservation or your stay at a Wanda hotelinformation collected in connection with maki,or interacting with us through our websitesjoining in our loyalty program Wanda Club ,gital channels to Chinaemails or our other di,nda Hotels & Resorts affiliated entities and Wanda hotels around China for the purposes of carrying out or facilitating these services. It will also be necessary to transfer this information to other entitieswhere Wanda Hotels & Resorts Headquarters is located. The information that you provide us during the course of a reservation or through the provision of any other services may be transferred to any of our Wa,udingincl,imitationwithout l, & Resorts hotelsour Wanda Hotels,tion that originates in the country outside of China to mainland Chinapartners and our service providers in China.Where we transfer informa,ember to ensure that your information receives an adequate and consistent level of protection wherever it is transferred within the Wanda Hotels •where we transfer your data outside of the Wanda Hotels & Resorts including to other companies providing us with a servicewe will take steps to make sure such transfer is carefully managed to protect your privacy rights:•Transfers within the Wanda Group will be covered by an agreement entered into by members of the Wanda Group (an intra-group agreement) which contractually obliges each m,of these assurances are well-recognized certification schemes such as standard contractual clauseswe will obtain contractual commitments and assurances from them to protect your information. Some ; legal protection or where we can be satisfied those alternative arrangements are in place to protect your privacy rights•We will only transfer personal information to China or countries which are recognized as providing an adequate level of;efore personal information is disclosed.When we otherwise transfer personal information between jurisdictionsand•Any requests for information we receive from law enforcement or regulators will be carefully validated b,rty.Wanda Hotels & Resorts will disclose personal information as required by law. Examples of such disclosures include when countries require Wanda Hotels & Resorts to collect personal data about visitors to properties in that countrywe will take such steps as required by local law in an effort to ensure that such transfer is managed to protect your privacy rights.5.Disclosure pursuant to legal obligations or to protect the safety and security of people and prope,valid subpoena on Wanda Hotels & Resortswhen a law enforcement agency serves a ,hare personal information with law enforcement or others as necessary to protect the safety and security of people and propertyand when a civil litigation serves a lawful discovery request on Wanda Hotels & Resorts. Wanda Hotels & Resorts may elect to s,mit the damages that we may sustainto pursue available remedies or li, remember as well as obtain information about that part. You might be assigned a cookie when visiting our websites or other digital channels. In some instancesand to respond to an emergency.Cookie What is a cookie:A cookie is a small text file that is placed onto an internet users web browser or device and is used to,r the applicable lawwhere permitted unde, email campaigns.We collect certain data from cookiescookies may also be used for the purposes of certain,device that you are using. Cookies allow us to collect browser typewhich are pieces of data stored directly on the computer or mobile ,e online servicestime spent on th,visitedpages ,ing URLreferr,referenceslanguage p, of the website and enable certain features to enhance your experience. For exampleand other aggregated traffic data.Functional Cookies these cookies support the use,ou having to re-enter it.Performance Cookies these cookies collect information needed to support the website and our applications and allow us to improve our website and identify any problems that you faced while visiting us. For examplewe use functional cookies to facilitate your reservation and to remember your selections as you move from page to page. We also use functional cookies for remembering things like your sign-in information and hotel preferences to avoid y, website during your visit. We also use these cookies to provide us with certain statistical and analytics informationperformance cookies may provide us with information about how you came to our website and how you navigated around our,across our websites and applications for various marketing initiatives and campaigns.Third Party Advertising:We may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements regarding goods and services that may interest you when you access and use the online services or other websites. To serve such advertisementssuch as how many visitors came to our website or how effective our advertising is.Targeting Cookies these cookies are used to collect information from you to help us to improve our products and services as well as serve you with targeted advertisements that we believe will be relevant for you. We use targeting cookies ,r DataYour browser or device:We collect certain data through your browser or automatically through your devicethese companies place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser (including through use of pixel tags).Othe,ss Control (MAC) addresssuch as your Media Acce,indows or Apple)computer type (W,esolutionscreen r, name and versionoperating system,turer and modeldevice manufac,uagelang,ervices function properly.Pixel Tags and other similar technologies:We collect data from pixel tags (also known as web beacons and clear GIFs)internet browser type and version and the name and version of the online services you are using. We use this data to ensure that the online s,ome online services towhich are used with s,er thingsamong oth,e services (including email recipients)track the actions of users of the onlin,our marketing campaignsmeasure the success of ,ervices.Your IP Address:We collect your IP addressand compile statistics about usage of the Online S,n IP address is identified and logged automatically in our server log files when a user accesses the online servicesa number that is automatically assigned to the device that you are using by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A,e visited. We use IP addresses to calculate usage levelsalong with the time of the visit and the pages that wer,location from your IP address.When you use the WI-FI service in Wanda Hotels & Resorts propertiesdiagnose server problems and administer the online services. We also may derive your approximate ,ser-Provided Information:When you register to use the WI-FI service in Wanda Hotels & Resorts propertieswe may collect and process certain additional information.What information we collectRegistration and U, about you including your last namewe may collect personal information,Club memberyour Wanda ,number andyour room ,tion and applicable lawdepending on your loca,).Device Identifiers:In the course of providing WI-FI serviceother personal information (such as your mobile phone number,e identifier (such as your IP addresswe may automatically collect a devic,ddressMAC a,identifier) for the computerdevice name or other unique , devicemobile,a number that is automatically assigned to your device when you access WI-FI in Wanda Hotels & Resorts propertiestechnology or other device you use to access WI-FI in Wanda Hotels & Resorts properties. A device identifier is ,. When you use WI-FI in Wanda Hotels & Resorts propertiesand we may identify your device by its device identifier,vice. We may associate your device identifier with other information about youwe may view your device identifier and use this information to enhance our ser,lso automatically record certain information from your device includingsuch as your Wanda Club member number.Other device information:We may a,e typedevic,b pagesthe we,that you visitapps or sites ,imes that you visitand the dates and t,essacc, information is generally pseudonymous and/or aggregatedor use WI-FI (Internet activity information). While this,s data helps us to manage our networks and provides us with information about the use of WI-FI. We do notthis information may be associated with your Wanda Club member number and/or persistent identifiers. Thi,everhow, us to improve our service and provide certain services to you such as customized offers and promotions.8.Data retention periodsWe generally only keep your information for as long as is reasonably required for the purposes explained in this privacy policy. In some casescollect and process the contents of email communications or other electronic communications you send or receive when using WI-FI.Location information:We may collect information about your location through your use of the WI-FI services we provide at our hotels to enable,formation) for longer periods if necessary to meet legalwe keep transactional records (which may include your in,atoryregul, We maintain a data retention policy which we apply to the records we hold. When we destroy your personal informationtax or accounting needs. We will also retain information if we reasonably believe there is a prospect of litigation.,d applications contain links to websites that are maintained and/or controlled by non-affiliated parties. In some instanceswe do so in a way that prevents that information from being restored or reconstructed.9.Link to other SitesOur websites an, differ from ours.10.Use of Service by Children and MinorsOur websites are not intended for children and we do not intentionally solicit or collect personal information from individuals under the age of 18. If we are notified or otherwise discover that a minors personal information has been improperly collectedthese websites may be co-branded and display our logos or other trademarks. You can always tell whether you are on one of our websites by checking the uniform record locator (URL) on the page that you are visiting. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these websites as their privacy practices may,at information. In limited instances canton guangdong chinawe will take all commercially reasonable steps to delete th,children canton guangdong china. In these instanceswe may have a campaign or program targeted toward ,ons of the program or campaign.11.Changes to this Privacy StatementIn some instancesdetails on the information practices will be presented within the terms and conditi,e to changewe may hav, the needs of our business. Subject to any applicable legal requirements to provide additional noticemodify or amend this Privacy Statement in order to comply with the evolving regulatory environment or,e communicated through our websites. Howeverany changes to this Privacy Statement will b,on in a manner different from that stated at the time of collectionif there will be changes made to the use of your personal informati,te steps to notify youwe will take appropria, We will obtain your consent to such changes where required to do so by applicable law.12.Contact UsFor any questionssuch as by posting a notice on our website for 15 working days prior to the changes taking effect or by emailing you., Privacy Statement canton guangdong chinaconcerns or suggestions regarding to this,ally canton guangdong chinaplease send email to .Norm, any unsatisfaction or concern regarding to the replyyour email shall be replied within fifteen days. For,rticularor in pa,ing has harmed your legal rightsthe personal information process, a civil lawsuit with the peoples court where the defendant is locatedyou shall also seek the solution from the external channels:a.To file;tration of China (the website is: b.To report to Cyberspace Adminis,ber is: 12377)telephone num.

using your information in accordance with applicable data protection laws.We collect2.The legal basis for processing your personal dataWe are committed to collecting and,is may be because:•You have provided your consent to us using the personal informationuse and share your information where we have an appropriate legal basis to do this.Th;sary to perform our contract with you•Our use of your information is neces,xamplefor e,on with our Loyalty Program in accordance with the terms of our agreement with youmaking and managing your booking and operating and providing services in connecti;eet responsibilities we have to our regulators•Our use of your information is necessary to m,ficialstax of,orcementlaw enf,legal responsibilitiesor otherwise meet our ;timate interest as a commercial organization•Our use of your information is in our legi,xamplefor e,like to find out more about the legal basis for which we process personal information please contact us (details found in the How to contact us section). If you have provided your consent to our processing of your information you can withdraw this consent at any time by contacting Wanda Hotels & Resorts (details found in the How to contact us section)to operate and improve our services and to keep people informed about our products and services (including for profiling and targeted advertising) in these cases we will look after your information at all times in a way that is proportionate and respects your privacy rights and you have a right to object to processing of your information.If you would .

that delivers supremely personalized services and transcends every expectationWanda Reign is an ultra-luxury hotel brand for luminaries and the social elites.

in 2007Founded,alues of People First practical care to our employeesWanda Hotels & Resorts has been observing the core v; Adhering to the belief of remaining practicalcommitment to all stakeholders and customers.,ativeinnov,d in Chinaand roote,mpanies with a core competency in hotel business. With three core business sections hotel designthe company is dedicated to be recognized as one of the worlds most valuable asset management co,and hotel managementhotel construction ,to proprietors in the global hotel industrythe company is offering one-stop solutions .

superb international standards for business and leisure travelersWanda Realm is a premium hotel brand built on quality service from.

quality service to offer a balanced life experience for business and leisure travelersWanda Jin is a premium and selected service hotel brand built on boutique design and .

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re when you Redeem with your Wanda Club PointsEnjoy Extra benefits with Wanda Club. Enjoy Mo.

gn and select services for the ultimate comfort of business travelersWanda Moments is a high-end midscale hotel dedicated to quality desi.

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