Visit Beijing at night, the more night, the more emotional

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Many people think "there is no nightlife in the north", but this is not true. The night in Beijing is not emotional, the heat of the day has faded, blowing a cool breeze, the most comfortable, stroll Qianmen Street, Dashilan, Sanlitun, Guomao, Wukesong, Blue Bay...... Come to these places, you can see the city of Beijing's ancient style, dynamic fashion, high-end leadership and cross-border integration. Not only can you choose the global fashion goods, but also you can eat food while walking, see the objects you like, stop to appreciate slowly, the night is still long, there is no need to hurry ~

Qianmen Street and Dashilan

Many tourists will visit Qianmen Street and Dashilan when they come to Beijing. After all, there are century-old shops, and the surrounding buildings are also antique, fully reflecting the style of the ancient capital. People can find the memory of ancient Beijing.

Qianmen Street was formed in 1436, located in the ancient city of Beijing's main gate - Zhengyang gate outside, is the Ming and Qing dynasties emperors temple of heaven worship, the only way to go before farming altar, Qianlong emperor has poetry cloud, "Li Li and wind tune jade law, color flag flower Sheng Yao Tianjie", so Qianmen Street is also known as the royal road Tianjie. With hundreds of years of historical accumulation, Qianmen Street has become a characteristic historic district with profound accumulation of architectural culture, commercial culture, guild culture, pear garden culture and folk culture.

In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, due to the development of commerce, Qianmen Street appeared on both sides of the fresh fish mouth, pig (pearl) port, coal port, food stores and other markets and streets, Qianmen street became a commercial street. Qianmen street's long history, has created many finalists, such as the great north photo studio, old zhengxing restaurant, shengxifu hat shop, six sauce and pickle shop habitat, tongrentang drugstore, employees silk shop, changchun hall pharmacy, inline shoe store, zhangyiyuan tea, and month spiced tradition shops, all of a bread shop the old name, respectively on both sides of qianmen street.

Since 2005, Qianmen Street renovation. The restored Qianmen Street has restored the architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s to represent the main body of the last century, reproducing the ancient simplicity and elegant charm of the traditional architectural culture of old Beijing. 76% of the buildings on both sides of the street were built in their original state and 24% were organically renovated. The street is 840 meters long, and the iconic Wupai Lou and Baishi Royal Road have been restored, and the trolley cars have been recreated as Qianmen. Beijing elements are used in urban furniture, lighting and sketch design, such as birdcage style, rattle-type street lamps, stone drum shape, urn shape flower bowls, etc. The lines are in harmony with the historical buildings on both sides, becoming a beautiful scenery line of "humanistic Beijing".

On September 28, 2009, the eve of the 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China, Qianmen Street realized the full opening, 103 years of merchants opened for business, 79% of the Chinese national brands, 21% of the international well-known brands, including 21 time-honored merchants. Qianmen Street has realized the goal of "rejuvenating with the appearance of the ancient capital", and the ancient Qianmen Street has gradually entered the most prosperous historical new period.

According to the data, 2012 Qianmen street food old shop: cheap square, Quanjude, East Lai shun, Zhang Yuan, month Sheng Zhai, a dragon, Wu Yu tai inside the house, Wu Yu Tai, Tianyuan sauce garden, Tianxing House, Qing Lin Chun, a place, Li Li restaurant (Sichuan cuisine), barbecue season, nine dragons, Jin Fang snacks, wonton Hou, red snail food, pot stickers king, Tianfu, etc.

In 2008, the trolley returned to Qianmen Street. Beijing's trams, commonly known as "Dang cars", used to be a historical memory in the landscape of the ancient capital. The trolley is called a "trolley" because it has a brass bell on it that makes a "clang" sound. The trolley was around from 1921 until 1956.

The original trolley was a large compartment with a brown lower body and a yellow upper body. How does it go? It depends on two things: one is on two parallel tracks in the road, which, unlike the tracks on the railway, are recessed into the ground. The wheels under the trolley are going to slide in this track. The second is powered by the electric bracket on the roof, which is connected with the air wire to obtain power. It was called the "top braid" because it looked like a little pigtail on a little girl's head. When the car started, it was smooth but wobbly. When a driver steps on a pedal at the foot of a pedestrian or vehicle, the bell makes a jingle sound.

Today's "trolley" has been restored to the structure of the old trolley. It can run 16km without load on a single charge, and the cycle of charge and discharge can reach more than 50,000 times. Meanwhile, it has said goodbye to the long "braids" of the car, and no longer needs to carry poles and wires.

The cars' names are Qianmen No. 1 and Qianmen No. 2. It takes less than 10 minutes each way on the 840 meter track. After the operation, Wupai Lou and Zhushikou stations will be set up. At the Yueliang Bay, two "eight" shaped tracks will turn east and west respectively. They are specially used for maintenance, and the tracks are fixed by resin technology. The trolley runs from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the fare is 50 yuan one way.

Qianmen Street and Dashilan are very close to each other. After visiting Qianmen Street, you may as well go to Dashilan to listen to opera and drink tea, and spend an unforgettable night ~

Beijing Dashilan Commercial District has a history of nearly 600 years. In the past, people praised Dashilan as "the essence of the capital is here, and the liveliness is here". Today, this ancient commercial street still retains the block pattern of "three vertical and nine horizontal" in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. When you visit here in the evening, you can enjoy the opera. You can choose one of the Zhonghe Theater, Daguan Tower, Guangde Tower, Guizhou Guild Hall and Deyun Society at will. Xiaobian reminds you, tickets are very popular, have to book in advance ~

Transportation: Qianmen Station of Metro Line 2


Sanlitun is located in Chaoyang District, from Sanlitun Road in the east, to Xindong Road in the west, to the second trolley bus Factory in the north, to the Workers' Stadium North Road in the south, because it is three miles away from the inner city, the name for the Sanlitun Bar Street. Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the most "bustling" entertainment streets in Beijing nightlife.

Sanlitun bars used to be the symbol of Beijing's "night economy." More than 60 percent of the city's bars are clustered within a one-kilometer radius of Sanlitun. The fashion created here has been widely copied by urban white-collar workers and the nouvelles chasing the mainstream, so much so that professional and non-professional street photos are popular here.

In summer, the fountain square in Taikoo Li constantly changes its "shape". Sometimes it suddenly goes up to the sky together, and sometimes it falls down only to the height of the calf from the ground together, or it sprits and stops rhythmically, and the water falls on the square in unison, just like a tap dance. The worries of the day dissipate into the wind as the high and low water column echoes the bright lights around it.

If you want to go shopping, Sanlitun is definitely a good place. It is the trend vane of Beijing, the convergence of free and diverse fashion, and the ideal country of casual hipsters... Here, international famous flagship stores, independent designer brands, high street fashion brands and avant-garde style buyers meet, and produce interesting "chemical reaction", so that the fashionistas fall in love. New fashion elements, new lifestyles, new attitudes are discovered and advocated every day. In Sanlitun, inspiration can be infinite, personality can be arbitrary publicity, can release the unique character!

Transportation: Agricultural Exhibition Hall Station on Line 10

International trade

Beijing International Trade is the first choice for many multinational companies and business communities to enter Beijing. As the CBD of Beijing, there are too many tall buildings here. Whether it is tall Chinese respect, or the shape of strange "big shorts", each building has a different beauty ~

In the evening, the eyes are full of neon in the night sky, chaotic traffic and high and low lights. There are office buildings, there are squares, there are accommodation, there are cinemas, there are restaurants, there are exhibitions, there are bookstores, there are transportation hubs... There is everything to satisfy life. Guomao all over the restaurant features, a variety of bars are also many. Shopping is dominated by luxury brands.

Transportation: Take Line 1 or Line 10 at Guomao Station


Visit Wukesong at night, absolutely harvest! As soon as it gets dark, all kinds of neon lights start flashing here, with a variety of colors and shapes, turning this place into a "city that never sleeps".

Near the south entrance, under a rotating HI-UP projection light, the old ladies dance beautifully. The distant shape must love to play games all know, these are the game controller button pattern, showing that this is a good place to "play".

Looking down from the steps leading to the sunken square, the first attraction of the square is the golden "market" - Miaoqu Street. Many of the gadgets, handmade by the owner, are so cute that you can't put them down.

The huge square is filled with people coming and going, as well as handsome little brother singing songs, so that many passing people stop to listen, little brother songs are mostly folk songs or nostalgic pop music, quiet, free.

Said here is the net red punch card, because here punch card scenic spots too much. For example, this sculpture, known to frequent visitors, is called "Eggplant" and there are special seats for people to take photos.

The sunken square is not only accessible by steps, but also can "slide down", this spinning ribbon in the distance is the slide here.

If you want to have fun, there is also HI-FUN sports park, horseback riding, trampoline, driving... Whatever is fun is fun.

If you feel tired, there is a small train can walk, colorful lights at night, the square has become charming.

In the fountain area, adults can still tense, the children are completely free of themselves. On hot summer nights, playing with water is their favorite. However, Xiaobian reminds you to be careful, if the child runs full of sweat, or pay attention not to immediately let him drill into the water.

How can it be just fun? There is also a wide variety of food here, north and south, domestic and foreign, want to eat anything here.

Want some beer tonight? There's a variety of craft beers, a cool drink at night, and the line says it all.

If asked what to eat on a summer night, the answer is probably the most popular skewers. After wandering around outside tired, and friends together to find a place to a few string, this is the right way to open the summer.

Even if you are full, it doesn't matter, all kinds of ice cream, western desserts, has enough attraction, as well as hot pot, roast duck, noodles, ramen...... Pizza, pear soup, Musang King... China's foreign snacks and dishes can be eaten here.

On the west side of the ground floor of Wukesong Huaxi LIVE, there is a "cooling plan" in the garden, which covers an area of 800 square meters. It can be said that it is a real "nature".

At night, water mist fills the air, turning the place into a fairyland, surrounded by green grass and trees, flanked by misty curtains. Everything here is magical.

You can also relax in one of the tents here and enjoy the peace of summer. Such a beautiful place is a good place to cool off in the summer.

With the spread of air conditioning, the traditional way of walking outdoors and shaking the fan has disappeared. But here, you can also experience the fun!

Transportation: Wukesong Station, Metro Line 1

Blue Haven

Blue Harbor, located on the northwest shore of the lake in Chaoyang Park, is a shopping landmark in Beijing. The European-style buildings are filled with a strong exotic flavor. There is a musical fountain in the middle of the open square. At night, under the light, it feels like being in a European town, bringing customers a comfortable and comfortable shopping experience. Blue Harbor covers more than 500 famous retail stores, more than 30 restaurants and gourmet food, more than 20 waterfront bars, as well as the Legendary Times Cinema, All-Star skating club, BHG boutique supermarket and other businesses, whether it is shopping, eating or watching movies, it is a good choice. During holidays or events, the atmosphere is even more lively.

The Blue Harbour Light Festival is quite famous and attracts many people to watch it every time it is held.

In 2008, Blue Harbour set an industry precedent by holding its first large-scale international art lighting exhibition, leading the trend of commercial consumption. It has been held for 12 consecutive years. Every year, world-class artists are selected to bring the most brilliant lighting feast, so that the public can experience the charm of culture and art at close range.

In 2018, SOLANA Blue Harbor joined hands with the world-renowned Amsterdam Light Festival in the Netherlands to showcase award-winning lighting art installations. 2019 Blue Harbor Light Festival has been upgraded again, we have joined hands with James Glancy Design, Brand Head is the only exclusive partner of James Glancy Design in China, responsible for the further design, production and installation of this project, creating a "winter rainforest" for Beijing, in the cold winter, A message of warmth and hope.

The Blue Harbor Light Festival has become an art and cultural festival that can be compared with international renowned festivals such as the Sydney Light Festival in Australia, the Lyon Light Festival in France and the Amsterdam Light Festival in the Netherlands, both in terms of theme interpretation and artistic sense of the lighting installation.

The Light Festival has become the unique super IP of SOLANA Blue Harbor. Prospectively, through the light of hope and power, it is closely combined with art and humanity, enabling commerce, reconstructing commercial space, and leading the humanistic upgrading of urban space.

Transportation: Zaoying Station on Metro Line 14

Cofco Xiangyun Town

As summer comes, the night economy is heating up. In Cofco Xiangyun Town in Shunyi District, lanterns re-light the night sky and customers welcome to the outdoor dining area... The month-and-a-half long "Windmill Season with Flowers" in Xiangyun Town recently opened, during which public performance activities such as open-air movies and band performances will be staged.

Cofco Xiangyun Town "Late Night Food Street 2.0" grand opening, to create a "drunken summer night" soul night market, light up Shunyi nightlife, the town selects 29 creative night food, gather 11 countries characteristic delicious, open until 24:00. There are warm and curing evening terrace, late night library, romantic outdoor movies, street singing and other synchronous online. On the basis of last year, the town features catering and shopping, and has functions of cultural creativity, fitness, entertainment and so on, bringing the advanced version of the night food guide and activating more ideas of the "night economy".

The town hopes to provide a natural and vibrant night space for those who enjoy the evening. Based on the needs of tenants' operation, we will carry out multiple marketing activities to release the economic vitality of the late night. With the goal of thriving the vitality of the business district, we will deeply activate the original vitality of street commerce, release the commercial value with Beijing characteristics, and join hands to make the city beautiful at night and create the commercial vitality of the block.

Address: No.9, Antai Street, Shunyi District, Beijing

Transportation: Get off Hualikan Station on Metro Line 15 and Xiangyun Town Station on Bus Shun Road 62

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