Guilin's famous tourist attraction, the Sun and Moon Twin Towers

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The Sun and Moon Twin Towers are famous tourist attractions in Guilin. They are located in the beautiful fir Lake in Guilin City. Day tower for the copper tower, the moon tower for the glass tower layer. The two towers are connected by a 10-meter-long tunnel under the lake. The surrounding, inner walls, doors and Windows of the two towers are full of colorful patterns, the colors are mainly yellow, green, white, blue and black.
Sun tower
The Sun Pagoda is a nine-level, eight-angle pagoda, 41 meters high, nine stories, concrete clad copper structure. The inner layer is made of reinforced concrete with brass cladding, and all its components such as tash, tiles, pictures, warped corners, brackets, birds, doors and Windows, columns and beams, stairs, ceiling and ground are made of pure brass, with a total consumption of 350 tons of copper.
The access to the Sun Tower is an underground aquarium passage, 18 meters long; Through the arched glass, you can see brocade, carassius auratus, flower spots, and black grass above and on both sides of the head. Living at the bottom of the lake.
There are brass bells praying for good luck on the first floor of the tower. At the same time, there are also tea houses on the first and second floors, where you can enjoy tea and scenery.
The vertical elevator is installed inside the tower, which is the highest copper elevator tower in the world at present, and also the highest copper building in the world, and the Sun tower is built in the water, naturally is the highest water tower in the world. In other words, the Sun Tower holds three world firsts -- the world's tallest copper elevator tower, the world's tallest copper building, and the world's tallest water tower. An elevator from the base of the tower takes you to the top. From the top of the tower, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful lakes and mountains of Guilin City.
Moon tower
Moon Tower is a seven-level eight-angle pagoda, 35 meters high, a total of seven floors, decorated with glass, solemn and elegant. On the first floor of the moon tower, there is a "tai chi drum" in the lake.
The Sun and Moon Towers can be viewed from the coast of Fir Lake. The best time to watch them is at night. Every night, the lights of the two towers will be lit, one is golden and the other is silver, but the visual effect is not good when the lights are off in the daytime. The lights go out at 11 o 'clock every night.
Fir Lake in Guilin City
1. You can take No. 2 or 23 bus to Xiangshan Park Station and walk to Shanhu Zhiyintai Dock.
2. Free boat tour in the scenic spot.

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