Guilin landscape tour all-round guide

Mark wiens


As we all know, Guilin enjoys the reputation of "the best landscape in the world", which makes it the choice for many people to take a vacation and relax. Recently, taking advantage of the New Year's Day holiday, I also went to play, compared many of the so-called online red big v play strategy, or think should not completely follow the online strategy to go.

About travel time

As we all know, Guilin's peak tourist season is in summer, and April to October is the best time to visit. Because Guilin is in the rainy season at this time, the Li River is full of water, cruise ships, bamboo rafts can go smoothly, but sometimes because of too much rain to go.....

This time I chose to travel in the off-season, to avoid the high traffic season, naturally have good and bad. The advantage is to go to any scenic spot, there is no need to queue up, relatively sparsely populated, take photos can also take pictures of quiet mountain scenery, rafting without queuing, climbing completely not congested. The disadvantage is to miss the scenery of wheat ripening in the peak season, which is a matter of personal preference. According to local B&B owners, rafting lines can last for 1-2 hours....... during peak season

About the schedule of scenic spots

The most famous scenery in Guilin is the local Yangshuo County. Most scenic spots are concentrated in this place, such as the well-known Lijiang River rafting, Yulong River rafting, Xianggong Mountain, Silver Rock, Ten Li Gallery, Big Banyan Tree and the ancient feelings are all in Yangshuo County. The scenic spots in Guilin are relatively few. Elephant Mountain and two rivers and four lakes are the only ones I recommend. So, if you go to Guilin to see the landscape, if you travel for 5 days, you must be in Yangshuo for 3 days, in order to get a sense of the landscape of Guilin.

About transportation arrangements

The transportation in Guilin city is not too convenient. Usually the plane arrives at Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. If you want to play in Guilin first, then take a taxi to the hotel, taxi is quite cheap; If you want to go straight to the key scenic spot - Yangshuo, then directly after you get off the plane after you come out of the airport will see a special bus to Yangshuo, the ticket price is 50 yuan/person, if you take a taxi, it will need about 250 yuan.

Specific route arrangement

On the map, I marked out the general route of this trip as follows: scenic spot of Xianggong Mountain -- Lijiang River rafting -- Xingping Ancient Town -- ancient scene area -- Yulong River rafting -- Ten Li Gallery -- Big Banyan Tree -- Moon Mountain -- Ruyi Peak Scenic spot. Let's follow this route to explain one by one.

You can use this route as a basis for booking a hotel. Because the distance between each scenic spot is really far, no matter where you book, it is difficult to cover all the scenic spots, so the best way is: book the hotel near Yangshuo West Street, solve the problem of three meals.

Yangshuo West Street is the local can be said to be the most commercial, developed street, because Yangshuo is actually an 18-line small city, karst landform, surrounded by mountains, traffic is extremely underdeveloped, the economy is not developed, West Street is the travelers must choose to eat, I strongly recommend you can eat and live in the West Street solution, if you live in the hotel far away from the West Street, it is absolutely a disaster...... Then I will take West Street as the center, to explain the tour route.

Yangshuo West Street

Scenic spot arrangement

First morning: Watch the sunrise from Sangong Mountain

Why do you start with the scenic spot Xianggong Mountain? Because this scenic spot is very remote, you must leave plenty of time on the road. It is recommended to get up in the morning and watch the sunrise.

Scenic features: You can see the sunrise, sunset, the scenery is very good, the Internet says the sunrise is the best, I personally saw the sunset

Journey time: Starting from West Street, 2 hours round trip.

Climbing time: 30 minutes up and down is enough for all ages

Related reminder: to Xianggong Mountain road will be very roundabout, please remind the driver to drive slowly, one is the safety of the first, the second is afraid that some people can not stand the roundabout easy vomiting...... Another very important is the problem of chartered buses, to Xianggong mountain must drive or chartered buses, the traffic is quite inconvenient, must be negotiated with the driver in advance to contract back and forth, otherwise you really have to go to no return.

Recommended travel time: Half a day

The scenery of Xianggong Mountain

Day one afternoon: Li River rafting

Xianggong Mountain is definitely a morning can play over, after watching the sunrise in the morning, almost to noon, lunch suggested to take a bread to eat, directly rushed to the next scenic spot - Lijiang River rafting.

Afternoon is the most suitable time for rafting in any season, winter afternoon is a little sunny, Lijiang River rafting and Yulong River rafting artificial bamboo raft, because it is a river, the water is wider, will encounter large ships, the scenery is also very beautiful, Lijiang River rafting has two sections, each section of rafting will take about 80 minutes, do not recommend the whole drift, too tired...... The end of the first half is Xingping ancient Town. Personally, it is not recommended to stay in this ancient town. The sanitary conditions are poor, and there is no appetite. Walk directly to the bus station, take a bus back to Yangshuo, and that's the end of the day.

Departure: Yang Ti Pier

Bamboo raft type: Motor bamboo raft, not artificial

Admission: 170/ person, less than 4 people need to pay 50 yuan/person space fee.

Drift section: The first half of the best

Note: You will pass the famous scenic spot of 20 yuan. Please take 20 yuan with you. The river is cold in winter.

Li River drifting real shot

Day 2: Yulong River rafting -- Ten Mile Gallery -- Ruyi Peak

Through the ages, so we did not go, we can arrange according to their own preferences.

The first Yulong River artificial bamboo raft rafting, is also a enjoyment, as long as the first half can, two people a raft 255 yuan, need to pay attention to the middle of the river drop, will certainly splash a body of water, about 80 minutes, from the Jinlong bridge wharf to the end of the old dike wharf.

Yulong River

Then the end of the drift, the old embankment pier next to the rental of electric vehicles, 40 yuan a car, 200 yuan deposit, strongly recommended cycling, because from here to walk far far...... There is a famous Yulong River walk here, you can enjoy the scenery along the ride. Walking path is probably from the old Dike wharf - Ji Ma Wharf, about 3 kilometers.


Then, finish the walk and ride directly to Ten Mile Gallery. Ten Mile Gallery is a boring road with scenic spots on the side, including big Banyan Tree and Moon Mountain. Big banyan tree is a tree, in fact, there is nothing good to go in, interested can go in to see. And Moon Mountain isn't much to look at. We can get a picture from outside.

The key is the final station Ruyi Peak, need to take the cableway, 260 yuan/person, have a fear of heights or don't go, I sit on the cableway are very afraid, there are transparent plank road, the scenery is also very good.

Finally, there is the Dragon Ridge Terrace, which is also a must-check place, but there is no wheat scene in winter, so I didn't go there. This tourist can arrange by himself.

Day 3: Xiangshan, Guilin - Two rivers and four lakes - East-west Lane - Jingwang Mansion

After the main scenic spots in Yangshuo, you can go to Yangshuo bus Station to take a bus to Guilin, the bus is available at night, the ticket price is 20 yuan/person. Guilin has few attractions. The only symbolic attraction is Xiangshan, a scenic spot that costs 60 yuan during the day and 130 yuan at night. I personally don't recommend going in, but since the scenic area is surrounded by plants, you can't get a picture of the elephant mountain outside...... The only way is to dine at Gem Hotel, where you can enjoy afternoon tea and the perfect Angle for a panoramic view of Elephant Mountain.

In fact, the two rivers and four lakes are just a statement, with no substantial beauty to speak of. The only thing you can see is the night view of the Sun and the Moon Twin Towers. You can take photos along the way of Xiangshan Scenic spot, without having to go there specifically.

Dongxixiang Lane is a commercial street, a lot of snacks, worth a stroll, and then by the way to the next Jing Wang Fu feel the history and culture, Jing Wang Fu is very recommended, there will be free tour guide professional explanation, you can feel a lot of ancient Chinese culture, the tour guide does not exist to buy and sell behavior, can rest assured.

So it only takes one day to visit Guilin.

Specifically, you can get up late in the morning and have breakfast or lunch at Dongxixiang Alley, and then go to Jing Wang Mansion to experience the historical background for about 2-3 hours. Then you can book an afternoon tea at Gem Hotel, where you can sit and watch the scenery of Elephant Mountain. After the afternoon tea, you can take the night view of the Sun and moon Towers. It should be noted that Gem Hotel is a popular booking spot, so make sure to book in advance.

Other matters

For local cuisine, the best places to try in Yangshuo are beer fish and Chun Ji braised Goose, both conveniently available on Yangshuo West Street. And in Guilin can try the characteristic food, one is the rice noodles can choose GUI small kitchen, two is the oil tea, the online recommended new Guo Ji oil tea, I personally do not recommend... The portions are good, the prices are ok, but the taste is so-so. Locals do come to this brand, it's all about taste.

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