Guangxi Guilin tourism guide, which places worth going, my three travel experience to share

Mark wiens


Guilin is the first tourist city in Guangxi, its most famous is the landscape, travel to Guangxi do not go to Guilin, travel to Guilin do not go to Yangshuo, will become a pity. I went on two group trips and one road trip, and now I'm going straight to dry shop to share what's worth going to.

1. Li River

I will go. Lijiang River is the water in Guilin landscape, is the soul of Guilin landscape.

Play one: From Guilin wharf by boat along the Li River to Yangshuo Wharf, the Li River has a number of piers, according to their own convenient choice, the boat time of about 4 hours, the scenery of the Lijiang River panoramic view, see the Lijiang River clear, and hundreds of mountains formed the peaks, very beautiful.

Play two: from Guilin Xiangbi Mountain drive along the Lijiang River and down to Yangshuo, every to a scenic spot along the river, stop to enjoy, take photos, hungry to eat, dark to sleep, all the way have accommodation, live in the river view room is very cheap, open the window is the Lijiang River landscape, although not like in the boat as much as the scenery, but along the way can stop to enjoy slowly. Midway attractions are: Through the mountain (no need to go, the scenery is ordinary), Huangniu Gorge (optional, almost no people, free to take photos, aerial photography), Guanyan (optional, few people, beautiful scenery, accommodation, can see the sunrise in the morning), yellow cloth reflection (must go, many people, 20 yuan scenery here, Xingping Ancient town, Jiuma Painting Mountain, Xianggong Mountain are also here), and so on, all the way along the Li River, You can stop when you see something you like.

Play three: short vacation, only two days of vacation, you can directly from Yangshuo to see the yellow cloth reflection, walk to watch, rent electric cars, boat viewing can be, it is best to wait until the sunset, see the sunset, extremely beautiful.

2. Elephant Trunk Mountain

Optional. It is unique in shape, is a small park in the Lijiang River in Guilin city inside a hill, the area is very small, to play a card, and it takes a picture.

3. Yulong River

I will go. Go to the upper reaches of the Yulong River and take a bamboo raft all the way to the Ten Mile Gallery. Compared to the Li River boat, the environment feels more leisurely, comfortable, enjoy.

4. Moon Mountain

Optional. Yulong River bamboo raft drift out can go, moon mountain unique style, there is a calendar village nearby, beautiful village houses, provide accommodation, sitting on the roof to eat farmer's meal, you can enjoy the beauty of the moon mountain.

5. Silver Rock

Optional. Is to see the underground cave, see stalactites. If you have seen large karst caves, such as Zhijin Cave in Guizhou province, you don't need to go here.

6. Yangshuo West Street

I will go. Characteristic streets, shopping, a lot of bars, eat something, buy some specialty, relax relax mood, experience partying.

7. Impression of Liu Sanjie

Must see. The live performance, relying on the landscape, is very magnificent and shocking, and it is quite different from watching the play in the theater.

8. Dragon Ridge Terraces

Optional. Home is in the countryside, see more terraces can not go, usually rarely see farmland can go, autumn harvest season, golden, like Xanadu, beautiful scenery.

9. Maoer Mountain

Optional. Look at the sea of clouds sunrise, the scenery is ethereal, but to chance, weather related, do not necessarily see the sea of clouds sunrise.

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