A taste of Hong Kong, the city of food you can't miss

Mark wiens


Looking for Hong Kong, the city of food that can't be missed, finally waiting for you, fortunately I didn't give up.
1: Spicy Crab in Typhoon Shelter
Crab feet itch in autumn, autumn October is coming, eating hairy crabs season, Chinese people have a long history of eating crabs, it is said that dates back to the time of the Son of Zhou Tianzi, until today, in the golden autumn, holding crab wine, enjoying chrysanthemum and recitation of poetry is still a great enjoyment.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, and crab is generally regarded as a delicacy in food. There is a popular saying that "a plate of crab is the top of the table". Fried Crab at Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter. I won't let you down.
Northerners come to Hong Kong, a lot of food generally not used to eat, but this spicy crab taste really good, but the price is relatively high.
Fried Crab at Refuge Pond is one of Hong Kong's top ten classic dishes. It is a delicious traditional dish, belonging to Cantonese cuisine. Fried crab at Refuge Pond is one of the "Chinese dishes" released on September 10, 2018.
The chunks of crab meat on the crab's legs, looking at the mouth watering. Satisfy your hunger!
There are many restaurants in Hong Kong that boast "Typhoon Shelter style", but this charming "Typhoon Shelter" refers to Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. There are more than 10 typhoon shelters in Hong Kong and Kowloon, including three villages, Causeway Bay, Yau Ma Tei, Aberdeen West, Kwun Tong and Lei Yue Mun. The Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter is the oldest and the most romantic.
Besides crab, pipi shrimp is good, also dry fried. It's very big. And fried clams, a table full of them, all at once.
2: Fresh
"Xian", I understand as fresh, seafood hot pot.
All kinds of seafood can be used for hot pot.
3: Xuliu Mountain
Xuliushan is a chain dessert shop in Hong Kong, mainly selling sweet soups, desserts and snacks, with mango as the main material. The dessert "Mango Sago" launched in 1992 is very popular with customers.
Hong Kong Women's Street hot and sour powder, sour saliva, hot to tears, careful taste!
4: Nam Kee Noodle
Nan Ji powder noodles, suitable for friends dinner, leisure rest, eat at will. Small nest Rice Noodles, Mandarin duck noodles, tomato fat cow Rice noodles, tomato rice noodles, fish eggs, etc., can be selected according to your own taste.
5: Jim Yong Restaurant
Established in 1942, Yung Kee Restaurant, a Hong Kong time-brand, is famous at home and abroad for its "flying goose". Yung Kee started as a siu Wei food stall and later developed into a famous Cantonese restaurant at home and abroad. Many foreign tourists are attracted to its name and order some specially packaged roasted goose when they return home, hence the reputation of "flying goose".
6: Snake King Fen
Snake King Fen, known as the authentic Hong Kong flavor, is more than 60 years old and is said to have a history of more than 120 years. It is well known in the Central area and a favorite among office workers and neighborhood diners here, though the average tourist is afraid to try it when he orders a bowl of snake soup and sees a lot of snake pieces floating on it. If it's not taboo, try it. Its signature dishes include snake soup, stew, mandarin sausage and a variety of home-style dishes.
It is said that the history of Hong Kong is scattered in every street and every corner, and you can find the features of its past history in many small shops. Besides sightseeing and shopping, the delicious food should not be let down when you come to Hong Kong. The delicious food in Hong Kong must be tried.

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