Hong Kong will give away half a million air tickets to help revive tourism

Mark wiens


The Airport Authority of Hong Kong purchased about 500,000 air tickets from airlines in 2020 and plans to give them away to passengers through various promotional activities in 2023 to stimulate the recovery of Hong Kong's tourism and aviation industry. Details of the arrangements are being worked out in coordination with the airlines and relevant organisations and will be announced in due course.

Mr Yeung said that the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Tourism Development Board had launched and intensified their promotional campaigns in all source markets. Apart from showcases of Hong Kong's iconic tourism features and new experiences to convey a positive message of welcome to visitors, more and more tourism industry, media and key opinion leaders were also invited to visit Hong Kong to guide them to experience new attractions and experiences in Hong Kong.

It is learnt that the Hong Kong Tourism Board is in contact with different sectors in Hong Kong, including catering, retail, aviation, hotels, scenic spots, travel agencies, etc., to provide a series of benefits and offers to tourists to attract and encourage consumption. More world-class events will be organised to bring new experiences to visitors and showcase the diverse attractions of Hong Kong. In addition, the SAR government plans to launch a major tourism promotion campaign from February this year.

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