How do I get to Macau? Read this travel guide can be, 3 days to visit the whole Macau

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Macao is a beautiful city. With its blend of culture, Portuguese historic buildings, charming waterfront, unique and luxurious hotels, and warm and comfortable climate, it is a perfect place to spend 2-3 days to explore and experience.

Let's take a look at what Macau has to offer.

Characteristic scenic spot

Archway of Dasanba

When it comes to Macao, I believe most people will think of its landmark building - the Da SAN Ba. It is a must for people to check in to Macao.

Macau Tower

Macau Tower is a new landmark of Macau combining sightseeing, food and adventure sports.

You can climb to the 58th or 61st floor of the Macau Tower to enjoy the splendid night view.

In addition, Macau Tower can also challenge a variety of exciting sports, such as: bungee jumping, is a lot of extreme sports fans to Macau like to experience the project.

Guanyai Street

Guanyai Street is a famous hand street in Macau. There are a large number of restaurants, dessert shops, hand letter shops.

Cheng Chang Hotel water crab porridge, Moyi Kee ice cream are worth tasting, many Hong Kong and Macao stars come here often patronize.

Love lane

Love Lane is between Dashiba Street and Dashiba You Street.

Although the lane is not long, the street is dotted with many Portuguese style buildings, very stylish.

It's a great place to take pictures and punch in.

In front of the council hall

In front of the Council Hall is the square in front of the Macao Civil Affairs Administration building.

The square is surrounded by a number of century-old Portuguese buildings. The wavy black and white floor and the central fountain add a more southern European feel to the square.

This area is full of shops and a thriving business district.

Coloane island

Ring Island Road is a beautiful area with beaches, walking trails, barbecue areas, etc., in sharp contrast to the bustling city of Macau.

There are also some popular scenic spots in this area, such as the Statue of Mazu, Shek Pai Wan Country Park, St. Francis Chapel, etc., which you can visit whenever you have time.

Luxury Internet celebrity hotels in Taipa

Macau is home to many unique luxury hotels and is a popular time slot in Macau.

The Venetian who can take gondola, the Parisian who has the high imitation Paris tower, the Londoner who is full of British style, and the Melco with the figure-eight Ferris wheel are all very characteristic hotels.

Macau is not big, so you can usually arrange a 2-3 day weekend leisure trip.

Here, I recommend a 3-day tour.

Travel route planning

Day 1: Visit the historic city

Tourist attractions: Trinity Bus, Love Lane, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, the front of the Council House, Crazy Hall Inclined Lane, East Wangyang Lighthouse, Fisherman's Wharf, Macau Tower

This day in Macao Peninsula through the streets walk alleys, punch classic. Basic walk can, walk tired, can find a nearby shop to eat something to rest.

In addition to the landmarks, there are some interesting small shops in the alleys to take your time with.

In the evening, you can go to Macau Tower to see the night view.

Day 2: Taipa Old Town & Huandao Road

Sightseeing spots: Luhuan Island, Zhuwan Beach, October 5th Road, Longhuan Puyun, Guanye Street

On the second day, go to Taipa Old Town first. There are many colorful old Portuguese buildings in Longhuan Portuguese Charm and various hand snacks gathered in Guanyai Street. In early October, the Fifth Road and the Bamboo Bay Beach are located on the Ring Island Road, which is also the southernmost area of Macau. There are fewer tourists in this area, and the style is artistic and fresh.

Day 3: Check-in at the luxury Hotel

What to visit: Venetian, Parisian, Londoner, Melco

On the third day, luxury hotels in Taipa.

Venetians, Parisians and Londoners are the most distinctive. There are many shops in the hotel and you can go shopping.

There are free shuttle buses between hotels, and there are many routes. You can visit all the famous scenic spots on Taipa Island almost without spending any money.

The above itinerary, if there is a choice, can also be compressed into 2 days, so that a weekend is enough to visit Macao.


In advance to change some patacas, including change, bus and taxi to use, some shops will also use;

Macau's socket is different from the mainland, remember to carry the converter;

It is suggested that weekends and holidays should be avoided as far as possible. All scenic spots will be crowded and the clearance time will be longer.

Macau travel guide to share here.

There are many delicious food in Macao, and we will share the delicious food in Macao again sometime in the future.

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