How can you miss the best story when you travel to Nanjing

Mark wiens


Nanjing has always been the most poetic city in my heart. The elegance of the ancient capital of the six dynasties has been preserved in the corners of this city. Having been to Nanjing for 3 times, I can't help but share my Nanjing story with you.

Museum of the Six Dynasties

Every time I go to Nanjing, I have to go to the Six Dynasties Museum. Except for the first time very complete read the contents of the inside, later, are attracted by such atmosphere. The design of the Six Dynasties Museum is very good. It can be said that the "belly of poetry and calligraphy" is vividly displayed here. What shocked me most was one of the exhibition halls, where crazy arrows were shot into the distance, as if they were really firing in unison. Shocked, but also moved by the restoration of the poetry scene.

-- Qinhuai River --

To tell you the truth, during my visit to the Qinhuai River, I just picked a place at random and watched the ships passing on the river. After all, we all know that the Confucius Temple snack street is really ordinary, but the Qinhuai River story is wonderful. Listening to the old Nanjing people telling these stories, the heart also followed the calm down. The ten-mile Qinhuai River and the Qinhuai River are unique to Nanjing.

-- Jiming Temple

To Jiming Temple, I am not willing to worship, but I like the flowers, the trees, the yellow walls of Jiming Temple. It feels like the peace here is different. Yo-dada looked at the Ji Ming Temple of pedestrians, see the Ji Ming Temple cigarette curling past, is the most lovely appearance of the city.

Nanjing City Wall

As the last feudal dynasty of the Han nationality, the Ming Dynasty was first founded in Nanjing. So the walls here have a story. Along the city wall, you can see the beauty of the glass tower of the Great Bobo Temple. You can also see the old Nanjing on the city wall.

These are some of the most worthwhile places in Nanjing in my eyes. I hope to love Nanjing with you.

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