Nanjing 4 day tour, the first stop of the Six Dynasties Museum, including a detailed guide

Mark wiens


The most impressive part of the Six Dynasties Museum in Nanjing is the art exhibition hall on the third floor full of design sense. There are cartoons telling the origin of Wang Xizhi as a good husband and some ancient books. It is very interesting to take a closer look. As well as the origin of the ten ancient capitals of Nanjing, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty to the Republic of China, which dynasties are located in Nanjing, it is recommended to visit from the top down.

New Year special on the 1st floor, horses and chariots are displayed, Chinese zodiac rabbit culture is displayed, porcelain is specially borrowed from Nanjing Museum. Colorful porcelain rabbits and displays of New Year customs are also appropriate.

The second floor is the ancient blue porcelain display, the layout is still relatively ancient art, but the exhibits are slightly single.

Underground ground floor is the origin of the ancient city wall, and some archaeological relics

Transportation: Take Exit 5 of Dachingong Station of Metro Line 3 from Jiangnan Weaving Museum to the Presidential Palace. Tickets are 30 yuan/person and 27 yuan/person for Meituan in advance. The museum is closed on Mondays except New Year.

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