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Wish a rising star in the world of online shopping. As an online trading platform, it serves more than 25 million buyers in 50 countries worldwide. Wish has a leading position in the mobile phone market in Europe and North America. Wish Company was founded in 2011 and offers custom products at the producers price. All purchases are made through the Wish Online Store official website or mobile application. Wish took its niche as a popular e-shop due to its low prices for the most diverse products. Democratic pricing policies are partly due to the lack of mediators and subsidiaries from the Chinese government.

Every day, around half a million people from all over the world, use Wish website daily with an average time of 30 minutes each. Every 5 visitor adds at least one item to their wish list, and each 10 visitor scans at least 19 merchandise items. The philosophy of the company is to realize the buyer of all the desired purchases. That is why an online store called WISH.

Peter Schulchevsky, CEO of Wish company and a former Google employee, founded the company along with Danny Zhang, who worked at Yahoo. Shulchevsky in one of his interviews expressed the principles of his business idea: We founded the Wish to provide fantastic shopping for hundreds of millions of people around the world. We focus on those who love to shop through smartphones entertainingly, and we see Wish as a personal shopping mall in your pocket.

To make purchases on Wish, you need to register with your e-mail account, Facebook or Google+ on the Wish Online Store official site, or simply download the app for your smartphone. In social networks, you can share your purchases on request. You can add any item to the shopping list and make it visible to other users who are viewing your profile.

Shopping is done in the same way as in any online store. You browse and find the products you want, add them to your shopping cart, and finally start purchasing. But there is one thing for example, when you buy 4 items, they can ship as four separate deliveries. The reason is that Wish itself is an intermediary that helps companies contact the buyer. The fact that Wish is a showcase for products from different companies saves them a lot of marketing costs.

Depending on the search query and the order history, Wish automatically filters products by user preferences. This is similar to individual experience when the algorithms match specific queries that are interesting to the client. Having selected the necessary product, it is added to the virtual basket, where its characteristics and price are checked.

A company offering multiple payment methods is considered to be serious, and a company that has only one payment option is considered to be suspicious. Wish is a reliable service and therefore accepts payments through several services: PayPal, Google Wallet, with credit and debit cards. An essential plus is that Wish offers an integrated payment method from the famous Swedish company Klarna. The ability to use Klarna is available only when purchased using the application. In other words, you can not choose Klarna when you shop in a browser on your computer.

Wish Online Store has got shipping charges, customs duties but VAT is not included in the price. When purchasing from a country outside the EU, the price is regulated by the customs administration: you must pay VAT, and a purchase cost and you will have to pay a customs fee. When ordering the overall product, it is necessary to pay the commission for the import declaration if it is necessary.

In keeping with the concept of the company, the buyer simply has to buy everything that the soul desires. Online shopping will turn into an exciting event thanks to the ability to create your wish list. This is done in such a way the product card is viewed, after which its preservation is carried out. It automatically appears in the wish list, which is displayed on the personal profile page. The list is allowed to provide the names: Christmas gifts, Coat, Bijouterie, etc. This tool is useful for family shopping since you can immediately send a list to your relatives to clarify their wishes.

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