The Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel is the only Ferris wheel built on a bridge in the world

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The legend of Tianjin Eye says that every box on the Ferris wheel is filled with happiness, so when people look at the Ferris wheel, they are looking at happiness. The Tianjin Eye, the world's only Ferris wheel built on a bridge, also gives people looking forward to happiness more to aspire to. Indeed, from the day the Tianjin Eye "opened", it began to let happiness flow, and began to watch our city of hope and witness its constant changes. With a diameter of 110 meters, Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel can reach a height of about 120 meters above the ground when it reaches its highest point, which is equivalent to the height of a 35-story building. You can see the scenery within a radius of 40 kilometers. It is literally the "Eye of Tianjin".

Cihai Bridge, known as the "Eye of Tianjin", is one of the first batch of newly built Bridges in the comprehensive development of Haihe River, and also the most technically difficult cross-river bridge over Haihe River. According to preliminary plans, by the end of 2008, Cihai Bridge will be completed and officially unveiled, and a giant Ferris wheel will be erected in the middle of the bridge. This is one of the top ten urban landmarks in China. The Ferris wheel will not only be the world's only Ferris wheel built on a bridge, it will also become one of the iconic sights of Tianjin. In fact, in terms of height alone, Tianjin Eye surpassed the famous London Eye to become the world's first. As the only Ferris wheel built on a bridge in the world, Tianjin Eye, which sits firmly on Yongle Bridge, deserves the title of "world first" for its ingenuity and ingenuity.
Intersection of Ligongci Street and Wu Lu Road, Hebei District, Tianjin
Airport special line 1, airport special line 2, airport special line 3, airport special line 4, airport special line 5 can use bus IC card, unmanned ticket, monthly pass is invalid, all can reach the "Tianjin Eye" Ferris wheel

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