What are the interesting tourist attractions in Tianjin? 6 must-see attractions in Tianjin

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Tianjin tourist attractions include Panshan Scenic Spot, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Dule Temple, Yangliuqing Museum, Tianjin Tropical Plant Sightseeing Park, Beining Park, etc.
Tianjin is located in North China, the northeast of the North China Plain, the lower reaches of the Haihe River Basin, the Bohai Sea in the east, Yanshan in the north and Beijing in the west, so it has prominent advantages in geographical location. As Beijing becomes the first megacities in China, Tianjin will benefit greatly. Moreover, Tianjin is also regarded as two strategic points, one is the "intersection of the Belt and Road". One is the strategic fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road, which has brought support to the development of tourism in Tianjin. So what interesting places to visit Tianjin?
1. Panshan Scenic Spot
Panshan Scenic Spot, located in Jixian County, Tianjin, covers an area of 106 square kilometers and is a national 5A scenic spot. Now it is hot summer. With the passing of time and the rising temperature, more and more tourists have started various forms of summer tourism. It is a good place for sightseeing and cooling. In the scenic area, there are Sanpan Twilight rain and Suxia and other scenic spots, which is a good place to clock in and take photos.
2. Tianjin Ancient Culture Street
Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, located in Nankai District of Tianjin, is a national 5A level tourist attraction. If every city has an ancient street that represents the characteristics of the city, you can feel the context of the city if you visit this ancient street, then the representative ancient street of Tianjin is the ancient Culture Street, which is more like the combination of Chunxi Road and wide and narrow alleys, with antique buildings. There are skyscrapers of the era, the Qing Dynasty style architecture here is cleverly interpreted black brick masonry, grinding wall to seam, sloping attic can be seen everywhere. There are also a lot of Tianjin intangible heritage food such as: "Goubuli", "Guoren Zhang", "18 Street Mahua", "Erduoyan fried cake", people to Tianjin, must visit this place.
3. Dule Temple
Dule Temple, located in Jizhou District, Tianjin, China, is a national Level 4 scenic spot. It is one of the three remaining Liao Dynasty monasteries in China. In ancient times, Dule Temple was located on the only way to worship the Eastern Tomb of the royal family, and in the Qing Dynasty, it was used by the royal family for several times, and people were not allowed to enter. The construction method of Dule Temple belongs to the hall type of "distracted Doudou trough" according to Li Zhongming's Creation of a French Style in the Song Dynasty, which is the earliest example of this type of site in ancient Chinese architecture.
4. Yangliuqing Museum
Yangliuqing Museum, located in the Stone Family courtyard in Yangliuqing, a millennium-old town in Tianjin, is a national 4A scenic spot. The museum is located in the late Qing Dynasty residential complex with "the first house in North China". The whole courtyard, on both sides of the 60-meter-long grand corridor, has 12 quadrangular courtyards, all of which are vertically oriented and quadrangular, with courtyards within courtyards, courtyards within courtyards; The design of the garden in the courtyard is quite ingenious, with the ingenious decoration of corridors, strange stones, clear water, winding paths, pavilions and so on. These decoration and decoration styles reflect the cultural relics of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China and the folk customs at that time
5. Tianjin Tropical Plant Sightseeing Park
Tianjin Tropical Plant Tourism Park, located in Xiqing District of Tianjin, is a national 4A scenic spot. The tropical plants in Tianjin Tropical Plant Tourism Park mainly come from Canada, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Malaysia and other dozens of countries, which is the largest indoor tropical plant tourism park in Asia. It consists of four halls: comprehensive Service Hall, fine Flower Hall, science Popularization Education Hall and Tropical Rainforest Hall.
6. Beining Park
Beining Park, located in Hebei District, Tianjin City, is a national 4A scenic spot. Pavilions and promenades are surrounded by mountains and rivers, lotus flowers are swaying in the lake, the shore is evergreen, and the tall tower not far away quietly tells people the story that happened here. This beautiful scene in front of us is Beining Park. Garden as its name, quiet Zhiyuan. From the royal plantation to the comprehensive park with amusement facilities, cinema and zoo, this place retains the uniqueness of the garden style and patriotic education base, and integrates the new cultural leisure aggregation of national reading, national fitness, creative fashion exchange, etc., as well as the national 4A level scenic spot. One hundred years Ningyuan quiet Zhiyuan, full of vitality, style is still wonderful.
These are the six recommended tourist attractions in Tianjin. I hope you enjoy them.

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