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lywoods websiteAccording toDol, Spotlight Bakery. The entirethe pie is sold at the parks,e cost $23025-pound pi,it by the slice for $19.99but patrons can also buy .

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keep her prices fairDolly always tries to,A pie that big seems fairsaid a second commenter. .

oodDolly Partons family-centered theme park. As of Thursday morning frozen ever after ausable chasm@stonewall_kelseys relatively short video shows them looking at the various pastries sold at Dollyw, 1.9 million viewshis video had over.

captionIn the , treat frozen ever after. You know we have to try a piecethe TikToker doubled-down on their want for the ginormous,en ever afterit read froz.

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illSt, even said that they thought the pie price was reasonable since people who buy the entire thing allegedly get tokeep the cast iron skilletits baked intheir video left a flurry of comments from viewersranging from feedback on the price of the pie to general thoughts about the theme park. Some viewers.

ice of a nearly $200 pie sold at Tennessees infamous DollywoodA TikToker claimed that they were recently tempted to buy a sl.

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frozen ever afterThats a good deal!ney would charge $2wrote a viewer. Dis,000.

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t Dollywood$230 pie a, text overlay ausable chasm@stonewall_kelsey wrote via.

er and contributor to the Daily Dot ausable chasmAlexandra Samuels is a national political report,n the summer of 2016. She enjoys all things Marvelwhere she started as an intern covering politics i,latest TikTok trendskeeping up with the ,r pup ausable chasmlong walks with he,er-mystery novelsand reading murd.

kelsey via TikTok comment. As of publicationThe Daily Dot has reached out to @stonewall_,it. They also didnt immediately comment on whether they actuallylikedthe pieit was unclear whether they purchased the entire dessert or just a slice of .

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