Xi'an Cuisine Demaogong Crystal Cake

Mark wiens


Crystal Cake is named because its filling is crystal clear, just like crystal. Demaogong crystal cake is the most famous food in the ancient city of Xi'an. Over the past 130 years, the people of Demaogong have been conducting themselves and doing business according to the meaning of "De, Mao and Gong", which has made Demaogong become more and more famous, and the reputation of Demaogong crystal cake has become more and more high, becoming the representative of Qin style pastries.

It is said that the crystal cake came from Gui County in the Song Dynasty (now Xiagui Town, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province), and later passed into Xi'an, becoming the first of Qin style cakes. The flour agent made of refined white flour and cooked lard is wrapped in a variety of raw materials and then baked. Its characteristics are: crisp skin and sufficient filling, not greasy oil, heavy sugar and sweet, with strong rose fragrance and orange cake fragrance. It is popularly known as "the drum cavity with gold background and silver band, and the red big seal covers the center". Crystal cake was once as famous as bird's nest, white fungus and Jinhua ham. The finished crystal cake produced by Xi'an Demaogong is small and exquisite, with crisp skin and sufficient filling. It is moist and palatable, with clear layers. It is rich in oil but not greasy. Sugar is heavy and sweet in the mouth, and it makes people want to eat when they see it with its rich rose and orange cake fragrance. The surface of the cake is golden in color, with red decorative patterns in it, and white around. It is known as the "gold bottom, silver band, drum cavity, and red seal in the center". It is also known as "the first of Qin points".

At the end of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, when the Eight Power Allied Forces captured Beijing, Empress Dowager Cixi took refuge in Xi'an. She stopped at the intersection of Guangji Street, smelled incense, tasted the crystal cakes produced by De Maogong, and praised them. They were consecrated as "tributes" one by one. After that, De Maogong was even better, and its fame and price multiplied.

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