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  • 居庸关长城中英文导游词

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      居庸关是万里长城最负盛名的雄关之一,其帝绝险,自古即为北京西北的屏障。居庸关建在一条崇山夹峙,长达约20公里的沟谷之中,这条沟谷就是京畿著名的“ 关沟”。 

        The juyongguan Great Wall is one of the most renowned city, which rejects risks, ancient emperor of the barrier of northwest Beijing namely. The juyongguan built in a lofty mountain clip along, for about 20 kilometers of the valleys road, the valleys is the famous "shut ditch both capital city.


        The juyongguan on both sides are "mountain city" stands, GuanCheng climbing steep cliffs, not of the conjugate control, topped south Beijing channel. This absolutely risk topography, decided the importance of its military, ancient strategist, calls it "the KongE north-south ancient giant prevent". The tang dynasty poet in the frontier GaoShi, describe the juyongguan road when XianGuan males wrote: "absolutely slope under water, even the high peaks cloud.

        居庸之名,据元代人记载是秦始皇修长城时,徙居庸徒于此而得名。庸就是强征来的民夫士卒。其实居庸之名早于秦始皇统一全国之前就有了。成书于战国时期的《吕氏春秋》中就有:“天下九塞,居庸其一”的记载。在著名的太行八陉中,居庸关排列第八,即控扼军都山的军都陉。居庸关在漫长的岁月中,虽始终是兵防重镇,但却屡易其名,三国时称“西关”,北齐时改“纳款关”,唐时又先称“蓟门关”,后改“军都关”。由辽以后金、元、 明、清至今,便始终称居庸关 。 

        Sometime in the name of the man, according to the yuan dynasty recorded is qin shihuang had, in the far XiJu paihuli." The clutch is MinFu excise to residents. In the name of the clutch in earlier than qin shihuang unified national before. Writing in the warring states period wonderful indeology in: "the world nine fill, ranking the record count one. In the famous mountain in shansi eight Xing arranged in eighth, namely, the juyongguan KongE JunDouShan Xing the army. The juyongguan long years, in the town of though is always soldiers, but repeatedly called, said "yi kingdoms west", when Leonard changes of beiqi and close, "tang said" thistle gates first, "modified" army off ". By liao later jin, yuan, Ming and qing so far, he always called the juyongguan.

        朱元璋灭掉元朝建立朱氏政权后,于洪武三年(公元1370 年)便派开国元勋徐达修筑了居庸关城,这是明代修建长城关隘最早的记载。由此可见,居庸关战略地位之重要。徐达所建关城,是很大的。古书记载:“跨两山,周一十三里,高四丈二尺。”居庸关城建立后,于此置守御千户所,永乐二年(公元1404年)又升为卫,统领五个千户所。

        Zhu zhu's regime established destroy the yuan dynasty (AD YuHongWu three years after 137 years) sent founding fathers xu-da conquer built the juyongguan city, this is built in Ming dynasty wall pass first recorded. Thus, the juyongguan the important strategic position. Xu GuanCheng, build is great. Ancient records: "cross two mountain, ten mile high on Monday, four cubits two feet." The juyongguan established in the city after thousands of Augustan, keep for years (A.D. 1404 years in the yongle and defended, promoted by five thousands hachmonite. 


        Since the juyongguan HongWuJian shut, all previous dynasties have built after a bigger is early in. After the change, when the civil BingBu YuQian ministers in the Ming emperor: count the portal, appropriate for capital levels are eager to garrison is rebuilt the juyongguan king platform. The juyongguan south that MenE remaining embedded: "the juyongguan" stone plaque on eight months 550 years "in good day made" signature.


        The juyongguan Great Wall city, but also XianAi, undergo a pass more fires baptism, there was a few games decided to court director of battle. Fate


        Four northern song dynasty (AD 1122 marketing in the liao, is the first gold out of the juyongguan lay, and then south into invading liao, straight. Take all yanjing


    Rulers later, Mongolian forces had repeatedly conquer the juyongguan. But two years (A.D. 1209 jiading TaiZu rate in yuan, because when the juyongguan army offensive attack JinBing PingXian stick to and not for long. Finally the Mongolian soldiers ZiJingGuan, then turn round the attack by two state resources, easy GuanLi outward, two sides flanked, just captured the juyongguan.


        Ming army, also first strike destroyed under $, then the juyongguan left unchallenged, she picked the Beijing yuan dynasty. 277 years later, the article analyzes farmers insurgents, is captured, then the juyongguan into Beijing to overthrow the rotten respectively.


    In the history, though the juyongguan weather-beaten the war, but most of the time, here is a picture of peace. In 1971, in Inner Mongolia and ringo in an east han found, there is a picture of a "make jun from numerous Yang moved degrees of closing the mural, a vivid description of horses at the juyongguan scene. Bustling exchanges This picture precious mural to justify the juyongguan more than 2,000 years ago, already is the important gateway communication inside and outside the Great Wall.

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